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  Alkaline Ionized Energy Water Filter

Alkaline Ionized Energy Water Filter
Alkaline Energy Water Filter

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Your Personal Antioxidant Protection and Portable Health Care

You already know the importance of water to human life. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, our blood more than 80%, our brain over 75% and our liver over 95%. Many of the important processes within our body rely on water. Groundbreaking scientific research has discovered that the PH levels of almost all naturally beneficial water tend to be very alkaline and highly ionized. It has become known to more and more people that alkaline ionized water enhances our physical and mental performance level by improving our internal environment and maintaining the most delicate level of proper PH balance.
The amazing alkaline ionized water contains millions of age-defying antioxidants in every glass. It super-hydrates the body, supplies important calcium and oxygen, helps eliminate harmful toxins and wastes, and provides relief for ulcer and allergies, stiffness, digestion and weight control. Alkaline ionized water is loaded with powerful antioxidant ions, actively expels free radicals, and helps neutralize the acids produced through metabolism. As indicated by ORP, Oxidation Reduction Potential, alkaline ionized water has superb antioxidant benefits, in contrast, most nutritional products on the market have low ORP value. If you really need antioxidant protection at the cellular level, nothing is more powerful and convenient than this water. Alkaline ionized water is actually restructured during electrolysis, which significantly improves hydration, because the water becomes easier for the body to absorb and utilize. Water from tap or bottle sources is normally clustered in group containing 11 to 16 water molecules, but alkaline ionized water is reformed during ionization and the water molecules are reduced to only about 5 to 8 molecules per cluster, this allows water to penetrate through the cells easier and cleanse the cell from within. It can thus help combat and prevent many of the problems associated with chronic dehydration, such as low energy, digestion disorders, constipation and obesity. Cancer cells thrive on acidic environment and withdraw in alkaline environment, which again discloses the importance of maintaining alkaline environment of our cells and our body.
Now we present personal alkaline ionizer designed for your portable use! Alkaline Ionized Energy Water Filter - the ?water essence? - can fit in most portable water cup (Diameter 2.75") which makes magical alkaline ionized water available to many more people at affordable price. The Alkaline Ionized Energy Water Filter - the ?water essence? is a state-of-the-art material designed for optimal water treatment. Formed under high temperature by melting and conjugating effective ingredients from high-energy biochemical ceramics and pumice mineral stone with potent rare earth minerals, the ?water essence? is highly absorbent with light, electricity, physical strength, magnetism and heat, highly catalysis-sensitive, and capable of rapidly ionizing and alkalinizing water to generate alkaline water. It can transform ordinary water from tap water to cool boiled water to weak alkaline water that combats free-radical attacks, cleanse and hydrates the body at cellular level. Certainly you?ve found the answer to longevity (because you can now slow down the process of oxidation by charging your body with antioxidant agent) and health (you can now protect and hydrate your cells and create an alkaline internal environment, thereby keep away from chronic or acute diseases resulted from accumulation of acidity wastes such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer).
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