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Let the Holiday Decorating Commence! 

Imagine you spend all this time decorating that Christmas tree, stringing all those beautiful ball ornaments, and one falls off and shatters on the floor. The glass shards go everywhere and now your set of ornaments is one short. Banish these fears this holiday season now thanks to the 24-Pack Christmas Ball Ornaments. These festive beauties may look like real glass, but they are actually shatterproof plastic, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking. Designed in matte, glaze, or glitter finish, choose from the different colors and create the best holiday displays and incredibly decorated trees this year.  


  • Enter the wonderful world of Christmas with brilliant ornaments to trim your tree, home, and office.
  • 24 Pack Christmas Ball Ornaments (6 Shiny, 6 Matte & 12 Glitter )
  • Choose from: Gold, Silver or Red
  • Ball Ornaments feature a beautiful shade of their color with each ornament finished with either gloss, matte, or glitter. 
  • Mix and match these shatterproof ornaments with corresponding colors for an ultra-magical Christmas season!
  • Material: Plastic


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