The Gift of Light

Having the gift of light at your fingertips would be amazing. You may not have supernatural powers, but we have the next best thing. The Aquitaine Sundial Necklace by Shepherds Watch can give you just that. Use this distinctive jewelry accessory to tell time. Use the brass band to select the month and then dangle the dial by its satin string with the opening directed toward the sun. The sunrays will illuminate a number on the inside of the dial to indicate the hour. Inspired by King Henry II, this amazing necklace is also engraved with the words Carpe Diem, meaning Seize the Day. Great for astronomy enthusiast. The Aquitaine Sundial Necklace is available in Laurel Leaves, Celestial, Astrology, and Celtic designs.


  • Engraved with the inscription Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).
  • Design Options: Astrology, Celestial, Celtic, or Laurel Leaves
  • Handcrafted Renaissance replica sundial.
  • Assembled with 31?? black silk cord
  • Materials: Pewter
  • Dimension: 1.25?? diameter (0.125" thickness)
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