The Mini Sippy Cup For Your Pup

The AutoDogMug - Small is a travel mug designed for smaller canine friends.Highwave invented the first travel mug in the 1980ʼs and now we have gone to the dogs. Made for the smaller dog with a big thirst! Holds 14 oz and easily fits in car holder. You can squeeze and operate with one hand never wasting a drop! Just release the squeeze and the extra water drains back into the mug. Almost 100% leak tight, whats a few drops of water. Food Safe and BPA free. Lightweight and easy to take anywhere with your pet.


  • Easy to use Travel Mug for your Dog. Gently squeeze the bottle and water will fill the bowl. Release your squeeze and the water returns to the bottle.
  • Take it on the go. Fits in your standard car cup holder
  • Holds 14 ounces of fresh water
  • BPA Free, Food safe and leak tight
  • 100% Made in the USA


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