A Dark Game

It's about time the ol' King and Queen got an update! This set of Black Playing Cards comes to your rec room with a pitch black about as dark as the jail cell you'd be in for gambling with your friends! No matter: games like poker and black jack are all about risk, and this black deck takes it all. Think of it as an advantage: while the other players are busy admiring the cards or trying to figure out what they are in the low lighting over your poker table, you can plan your next attack for that pot o' gold sitting on the table. Or see if mom would like them for her weekly gin rummy group. Thanks, Black Playing Cards!


  • 2Shopper Best Seller!
  • Black on black colored deck of cards with original face card graphics by Balance Wu Design.
  • Perfect gift for the card enthusiast in your life!
  • Material: PVC.
  • Dimensions: 2.3" W x 3.5"?? H.
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artistic and stunning!

George on 11th Aug 2016

Beautiful and unique cards. They look cool and modern in all black. I've never seen anything like it. People who appreciate art and design will love these. Plus they are perfect for poker games, now I don't have to worry about anyone taking a peek at my hand! Five stars.