Chiropracty + Acupuncture = Ahhhh

Transform your stems into slim, strong, and sturdy with the Carepeutic® Acupuncture Points Stretch Board! It has been proven that your muscles can assume a neutral position more easily when your body's flexibility is enhanced. You can begin improving your flexibility by stretching your egs on this stretch board. The Acupuncture Points Stretch Board maximizes your muscle relaxation, therefore accelerating your entire body's circulation! This Acupuncture Board has a built-in angle index that allows you to exercise with different postures and stretch angles for different workouts. And the changeable acupuncture point plate helps enhance body circulation and improves muscles to be more elastic and flexible; providing lighter pace while walking. So give those gams a workout with the Carepeutic® Acupuncture Points Stretch Board


  • Make legs sturdy, slim and strong!
  • Improve body and muscle to be more elastic and flexible.
  • After use, the pace while walking will be lighter.
  • With angle index board, provides selective stretch angle for different needs.
  • With changeable acupuncture point plate, helps activate the active parts of body, enhances body circulation.

Technical Specs:

  • Built in multifunction stretch board
  • Angle adjustable
  • PP material board and TPR foot shape panels
  • With changeable nipple and flat plate
  • Detachable and yet heavy-duty built
  • Product side: 15" H x 13" W x 4" D.
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