Bring Malibu Style Results to your At-Home Gym!

At-Home Gyms can be hard to create when you're trying to work with heavy and oversized fitness equipment. But you're not out of luck just yet, with this total-body exercise bike that works out your upper and lower body, while enhancing circulation and regaining muscle strength. The BetaFlex® HomePhysio Malibu Dual Bike features a height-adjustable mechanism that allows you to exercise from your chair, sofa, bed side, or even lying down on a mat! The HomePhysio Malibu Dual Bike gives you total-body physiotherapy and improves joint motion after first time use! The streamlined and compact design of the BetaFlex® Malibu Bike makes it easy for moving or storage; you can hide it away in the corner of your room in just few seconds. Now you can exercise at home, backyard, pool side, or even in your office. Another great feature is the chainless tension control that allows you to choose different resistance levels for your workouts.The BetaFlex® HomePhysio Malibu Dual Bike is designed not only to maximize weight loss and calorie burn, but also helps you get in shape with the performance goals you need. Try the Carepeutic BetaFlex® HomePhysio Malibu Dual Bike for 15 minutes a day to improve your body flexibility and circulation!


  • Compact home physiotherapy station, total-body workouts for arms, legs, and knees all at the same time.
  • Adjustable resistance levels for both arms and legs.
  • Height-adjustable mechanism, let you exercise with 6 different height levels from chair, sofa, bed side, or even lying down on a mat.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and yet light weighted, provide great stability when exercising on it.

Technical Specs:

  • Product size: 42" x 24" x 16.2"
  • Product weight: 19 lbs
  • 6 selective height levels.
  • Maximum height: 42 inches
  • Lowest height: 34 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 260 lbs
  • Assembly tool kits included. Assembly required.
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