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Do you have oversized, heavy training tools taking up space in your home? The Carepeutic? Digital Talking Hand Grip Exerciser is an exercise device that can bring you the same workout results and yet you can carry it with you wherever you go! The Hand Grip Exerciser lets you work out hands and fingers to improve flexibility and circulation and train your arm muscles. Perfect for IT workers, golfers, tennis players, bowlers, rock climbers and any sport where grip strength is key, especially for aged people. The Talking Power Hand Grip Exerciser can be used as a rehabilitation and strength-training tool. Plus, it's already a proven tool that will help aid in the prevention and elimination of many repetitive stress injuries. This device can absorb up to 110 pounds of grip force used to increase grip strength, increase range of motion, and to condition arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles. It is a great tool for those looking for a simple yet extremely effective rehabilitation, strengthening and training tool on arm muscle.It is your simple way to improve your body flexibility and circulation, and help you get in shape with the performance goals you need."


    • Small enough to carry it in your pocket.
    • Ergonomic grip design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
    • Requires: 2 x 'AA' batteries (not included).
    • Dimensions: 7" W x 3" H x 1.5" D.

Technical Specs:

  • Force displays in pound or kilogram.
  • Displays workout result in talking mode or in mute mode.
  • Maximum grip force: 110 pounds.
  • Minimum grip force: 9 pounds.
  • Maximum accumulated force: 9999.9 pounds.
  • Maximum number of grips: 999.
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