The Carepeutic Inversion Deluxe Waist and Abs Percussion Massager is a device specially designed for both shoulder and Abs massaging. It comes with detachable straps and a Velcro extension belt that can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes. With its 11 pre-programmed massaging modes and 10 selective intensities, the sport massager is able to provide pain and fatigue relief on joints, and those hard-to-reach muscles from neck, shoulder, waist, back, hip, thigh, and legs. The inversion massager is made of high quality PU leather and yet it weights only 5 lbs. With its user-friendly LED handheld controller, you can simply sit back on sofa or lie down on bed to enjoy the deep down relief on muscles.


    • Improves metabolism and enhances body circulation.
    • Provides comfortable hand-touch stress relief massaging for all body.
    • Unique design with detachable belt for waist and Abs massage.
    • 11 pre-programmed massaging modes and 10 selective intensities.
    • LED handheld controller for easy operation
    • Material: High Quality PU leather material.
    • Dimensions: Package - 15" L x 9" W x 5" H

Technical Specs:

  • AC110V 50/60Hz power cord.
  • With extra adjustable waist extension belt.
  • Preset working time: 7 minutes (automatically turn off after 7 minutes).
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