• Ergonomically designed for comprehensive physical therapy Massage on dual knees or legs and reduce stress on sore knees or stiff legs, improve muscle flexibility, and soothe knee discomfort.
  • Compression massage on knees or legs with two selective automatic massage modes and its dual control board on top and side panel makes possible for reversible use for leg massage.
  • Vibration massage and heat therapy create flow in lower body and release tension around knees.
  • Heat therapy with two selective temperature levels and compression massage, vibration massage, and heat treatment can work alone or simultaneously.
  • Built in tablet and mobile phone slot let you enjoy the comfortable MASSAGE while entertaining eyes from Smart phones and you can move around with ease with its built in carrying slots.


Regain your joint health, soothe your sore knees! Help keep your knee healthy with this natural physical therapy device; melt away knee soreness with just 30 minutes of healing massage every day at home or in office. Knee pain or muscle cramping on leg is so common from hiking, ball game activity, wearing high heels, driving, and working long-hour in service industry. Carepeutic warming compression knee or leg massager is professionally designed to provide a comprehensive physical therapy Massage on dual knees or legs. Combined action of compression, vibration and heat treatment, It helps reduce stress on weary knees or stiff legs, improve muscle flexibility, relieve knee discomfort and regain joint health. The Compression massage simulates hand-touch kneading massage; each knee compartment is equipped with three air compression devices located on top, left and right. With rhythmical compression movements, this professional masseur releases the tension and soreness on knees. The form of these movements is simulated perfectly by the two smoothing kneading nodes targeting the reflex zone on left and right side of knee. Compression massage with two selective automatic massage modes. Vibration massage and heat treatment with two selective temperature levels. Powered with AC adapter (included).

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