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Head in the Clouds

The Cloud Pencil & Eraser Set is perfect for anyone who has ever been told to get their head out of the clouds! We highly recommend that you keep your head in the clouds, stay creative, and keep that imagination of yours flourishing! The Cloud Pencil & Eraser Set provides you with some helpful tools you can use to transfer bits and pieces of your radiant imagination from your mind to the paper. The pencil holder, eraser, and colored pencil set is perfect for any creative child or adult.
  • Cloud shaped pencil and eraser set.
  • Includes 5 rainbow colored No.2 pencils
  • Eraser doubles as a pencil holder.
  • An ideal gift set for any desk.
  • Materials: Wood, graphite, Plastic (TPR).
  • Dimensions: 4.13" W x 5.31" H x 1.38" D
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