The CellCup easily fits into the cup holder providing a secure location for your cell phone, note pad and pens or pencils. All of this in one handy location. Can be used in cars, boats, and RV's. Soft yet firm material holds instrument during travel.


  • Cellcup includes a handy phone slot, plus an additional slot and pen/pencil holder.
  • Hands free convenience.
  • Easily movable organizer. No Mounting required.
  • Great for small and loose items.
  • Can be used in cars, boats, RV's etc.
  • Can fit any phone with 3" inch Width or less.
  • Fits iPhone 4/ 4S/ 5/ 5S/ 6/ 6s/ 7.
  • Cellcup measures: 5.4" x 3.5" x 5" inches
  • Phone slot measures: 3" x 0.75" inches
  • Additional slot measures: 2.5" x 1.5" inches
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