Your New Favorite Feathered Friend 

Imagine waking each morning to the wonderfully cheerful sounds of birds chirping. Except this time, the bird is actually the Heat Sensor Chirping Bird with a Vertical background, who will sit idly by waiting for you to activate its motion sensor so it can fill your home with the happy sounds of its singing. Watch as this little feathered friend’s beak, neck, tail, and body dance like a real bird as he remains perched on the branch of his own tree.


  • Realistic: Its colorful feathers and lifelike movement and singing bring this charming bird to life
  • Heat Sensing: Heat sensor activates the chirping and movement when you come within 5-6 feet of this bird
  • Beautiful Sound: Loud beautiful chirping sounds that sound like a real bird is singing!
  • Battery Operated: With 3AA batteries, you can enjoy watching and listening to this little bird 
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