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I am the monster maker and I've come to turn all your friends and loved ones into monsters and zombies! *Thunder clap* All I need is my Horror Fridge Magnets and access to your refrigerator. Please. AhhhHahahah! I've turned your dog into bat, your husband into a werewolf, and your mother in law into a witch. Oh wait, that picture doesn't need any dress up magnets. With my horror magnet set, not picture is safe! *Poof of fog*
  • Excellent Housewarming Gift or Host/ess gift for Halloween!
  • Perfect for any magnetic surface.
  • Options: Also available in Dress Up version.
  • Includes: 38 photo-enhancing pieces.
  • Dimensions: Package - 6.96" W x 9.84" H x 1.18" D.
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