Shine Without Squeaking

If you're looking for a new kind of cleansing experience (read: bath time), the Duck Bath Light DX might just be the fix. It doesn't create bubbles or heat or anything, but each one is a floating LED light that gently sways back and forth on the water. Choose from yellow (the classic) or white (for an angelic bath) and let them shine, creating a soft aura of light around the bathroom. Or toss a Duck Bath Light DX into a pool and feel like you're taking a giant bath (though we don't recommend sudsing up in there)!


  • Can be used in pool, bath, or as an accent LED light.
  • Size: Deluxe
  • Color: White  
  • Requires: 2 x 'LR41' Batteries (Included)
  • Materials: ATBC-PVC
  • Dimensions: 3.14" W x 3.93" H x 3.77" D
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