Eco Top to the Rescue!

No more cheap coffee cups for you! Give yourself a permanent gift with this awesome, money-friendly, eco-friendly Eco Top! Consider how it easy it would be to just place a lid atop your favorite coffee mug-- you know, the one with cats on it-- and just... take it with you with no worries.... just like that. Well, now it really is that easy: any coffee cup turns into an on the go cup! This microwaveable, dishwasher-safe lid fits most 3" diameter cups with a clever suction that prevents spills, even when turned upside down! And in a myriad of colors, your cat cup is sure to find an eye-catching, spill-proof companion in an Eco Cup!


  • Easy to install, even easier to remove!
  • Eco-friendly (because every mug turns into a portable cup)!
  • Made in: The USA.
  • Care: Microwave & Dishwasher Safe.
  • Available Colors: Aqua, Black, Light Blue, Clear, Light Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow.
  • Size: Fits most 3" diameter cups.
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