Sure, we make tools to solve everyday kitchen challenges but some things just aren’t meant to be consumed. This is where our EcoCrock compost bin come in handy. This ceramic crock fits neatly into narrow spaces and was designed with an oval opening to make tossing those unused bits easy. Comes with a charcoal filter to prevent smells and an inner bucket to make discarding compost easy and clean. 


  • Designed for use with the Chef'n EcoCrock, these replacement filters effectively remove odors.
  • Keep your kitchen composting solution smelling fresh with these charcoal filters.
  • These filters ship as a set of 2.
  • Charcoal acts as one of nature's most effective natural filters.
  • Choose smart, easy-to-use kitchen utensils that are built on tasteful design, new technologies, and the trusted reputation of Chef'n.
  • Approx. 6.5" x 5" x 0.25" inches
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