Get the Air Flowing 

Are you trying to inflate that airbed, raft, or swimming pool, and just don’t have enough breath in you to do it yourself? Save your energy and let the Electric Air Pump do the work for you. This handy pump comes with three nozzle attachments to fit all those standard-sized valves. Take it with you on your vacations, sleepovers, or camping excursions thanks to its compact size and portable design that allows it to easily be tucked away in a travel bag. 


  • Includes three interconnecting nozzles
  • Inflates even the largest of inflatables in no time
  • Great for inflatable beds, mattresses, pool floats and more
  • Sleek, compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • A/C 110V-120V150W 50Hz pump connects to household electrical outlets
  • A/C powered Quick-Fill electric pump for inflating airbeds, rafts, and more


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