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Forced Fun

Every year I throw a Halloween party. And every year several people show up either unannounced, and/or not in costume. This year I'm making sure everyone gets in on the action with the Emergency Spooky Outfits by Spinning Hat. I mean who cares what they want? If they're drinking my famous Doom Punch, then they need to play dress up for a couple of hours and indulge me. It's also great for people who don't want to spend cash for something usually only worn one night out of the year. I say usually because I frequently leave the house dressed as a cat.


  • Perfect for Halloween or Dia de Muertos!
  • Includes: 5 Spooky Disposable Outfits: Witch, Vampire, Skeleton, Werewolf, and Zombie.
  • Size: One Size Fits Most.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Dimensions: Package - 7.87" W ?? 3.74" H x 4.72" D. / Costumes - 28" W x 31" L.
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