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NEVER be without power again! Well, sort of. This F1 4 in 1 Adaptor is a four piece outlet adapter that allows you to plug in to any outlet in over 100 countries! Change its configuration to fit into an outlet, and just follow the included booklet on adapter combinations to get there. Just be sure that your device can handle the amount of power coming from that outlet-- every country is different. But once you're good to go, well, the F1 4 in 1 Adaptor is, too!


  • Works in over 150 countries! Check the Country Code List for color ID.
  • Includes: 4 color coded plugs in 1 adapter. Box includes adapter combinations for the top 48 countries.
  • NOTE: Adapters do not convert power. Ensure that your electronics are rated 100-125 or 220-250 volts.
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