Sprite Lights

Have you been trying to catch a peek at the nymphs running around your neighborhood? These playful little pixies stand no chance against Fairy Berries! This 10 pack of colored LED lights are made of translucent plastic, have a recessed hanging hole, and are battery operated for remote operation in ambient light displays. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, these berries provide continuous light, progressively increasing and fading, for a slow twinkle effect. Thanks to an O-ring gasket seal, the berries are also water-resistant and capable of floating. Even if you don't troll for, well...trolls, these lights are great for decorative use in gardens, patios, porches, ponds, fountains, flowers, centerpieces, and more!


  • Case of ten 3/4"-diameter, battery-operated LED balls for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting.
  • Color Options: Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White, & Yellow
  • Two-piece translucent-opaque plastic body allows light to pass but also conceals batteries.
  • Water-resistant construction with an O-ring gasket to enable lights to float.
  • Recessed hanging hole for hanging lights with wire or line.
  • Includes: Pack of ten 3/4" ball-shaped lights with batteries pre-installed and 2 replaceable CR1220 batteries installed in each light.
  • Size Options: Also available in Mama Berry
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