40 SPF aka 40% Alcohol

Oh, you must, MUST, protect yourself from harmful UV rays in warmer weather. You also must, MUST, have good times when the odds are against you. And that's where the Smuggle Your Booze Fake Sunscreen Flask comes in. YES, it's a brillantly devised alcohol flask that looks soooo much like a real container of sunscreen! Though we don't recommend splashing this stuff on your face. Just fill the sunscreen flask with 8 oz of the booze of your choice, seal, and enjoy when the time is right! That would be 10 to 15 minutes before sun exposure by most sunscreen containers, but not the Smuggle Your Booze Fake Sunscreen Flask! You "apply" before, during, after, way after, or whenever the time is right!


  • Just like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
  • Get your booze into festivals, concerts, the beach - Anywhere that allows sunscreen!!
  • Capacity: 8 fl.oz
  • Materials: Food & Beverage Safe Plastic
  • Dimensions: 3"" W x 8"" H x 6.5"" Diam.
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