Black Tie Affair

Does the thought of wearing a men's necktie make you cringe? Fear not my friend; the Flask Tie will help you get through that next formal event. That’s right, there’s a hidden flask in that neck choker. Fill that secret flask with the beverage of your choice: yoo-hoo, kool-aid, hard lemonade (wink, wink). Theflask is disguised behind the body of the neck tie. When things start to get a little too boring, just pick up the skinny end of the tie and take a sip. No one will ever know.


  • Real Necktie clasps around the back of your neck!
  • Drink from the small end of the tie with a TieBite Valve.
  • Color: Max Black
  • Capacity: Holds 8 oz.
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Materials: 100% Microfiber
  • Dimensions: 4 1/8" wide.
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