Hooked On Hiding

Streamlined and somewhat deceptive, the Flip Coat Hook can be easy to miss if you're looking for a typical coat rack. Unlike others you've seen, this wood coat rack is a slim piece of hardwood with what seems to be nickel stripes. Attractive, yes? Pull on a "stripe" to reveal a coat hook cleverly placed to be unobstructed when not in use. Don't need it now? Just push it back in to place. Choose from an Espresso, Natural, or White finish to complement your decor, and admire the Flip Coat Hook whether it's in use or not!


  • Each rack contains 5 hooks in a modern decor.
  • Designed By: David Quan.
  • Materials: Stained and lacquered hardwood and nickel-plated hooks.
  • Available in Espresso, Natural, and White.
  • Dimensions: 20" W x 2.75" H x 1" D.
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