Machine... Like... Garlic

Mmmmm, the smell of sauteed garlic in a little olive oil... All that time you spent mincing garlic could have been nearly eliminated with a GarlicMachine Garlic Press, and that wonderful aroma could have been enjoyed just a bit sooner. This garlic press features a super-easy method to getting over one step in cooking as well as smelly fingers: loosen the handle and remove the lid on the bottom, fill with some cloves of garlic, put the lid back on, and turn the handle. Out comes minced garlic ready for the pan. If you think you've added too many cloves, no problem: just store the whole thing in a fridge for fresh garlic anytime. Now where were we... Oh yes. Ahem. Mmmmm, garlic...


  • Quick release top.
  • Presses or stores garlic. Fits multiple cloves!
  • Includes lid for storing.
  • Care: Top rack Dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: 1.8" W x 7.6" H x 1.6" D.
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