I like big buttons and I cannot lie...

Never miss a phone call again with the Ultra Amplified Corded Telephone. With extra receiving volume control up to 60dB and its compatibility with most hearing aids, this hands-free speaker phone is the loudest in the market! Featuring a receiving tone control up to 10dB, maximum ringer volume up to 80 dB. adjustable ringer level and tone, 11 one-touch memories, message waiting indicator, headset and shaker outputs, a big button keypad, extra bright LED ringer indicator, last number redial and more! This phone is also wall mountable making it easily accessible for all spaces. The Ultra Amplified Corded Telephone makes the perfect gift for any home or office and is especially useful for seniors and those with hearing or visual impairments..


  • Amplified up to 60db
  • Extra loud and clear speaker phone
  • Extra bright visual ringer indicator camera flash
  • 3 emergency memories and 9 direct memories
  • Hearing aid compatible


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