Light up the Sky! Okay, Maybe Just the Street

If you’ve ever wanted people to notice you in the dark, and from a safety perspective it is highly recommended particularly on a bicycle, then Go Brightz is the answer for you.  This super-duper ultra-amazing bike light is revolutionary, and we don’t just mean going around in circles.  With 6 super wide LED beams that blast your very presence into all directions, you will be hard to miss…except that, of course, the idea is you want to be missed.  So get yourself some Go Brightz and attention all in one package.  It’s the wheel deal.


  • Set includes: 1 Go Brightz with 6 super bright LED's, Instructions, 4 plastic ties for secure installation, 1 non-skid pad to protect your bike’s finish, 
  • 4 Light modes: 1 Constant, 3 Flashing - slow, medium, fast
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries; Batteries not included
  • Water Resistant
  • 15+ Hours of Light
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