Finally going on that trip to France, we see?

Just grab a Go Clean Set and take the questions about what's clean in your carry on bag somewhere useful, like asking "Where is the bathroom?" in French. Pack all your dirty belongings in one of four flight bags made from heavy duty nylon to contain all grime and loose dirt. Pack your shoes in one of the two included shoe bags. Shove dirty clothing into the huge laundry bag. Wipe your arm across the counter in your hotel room and dump all the miscellaneous items into the stuff bag. Perfect for all types of airline luggage, the set rolls up when not in use and pumps up like a puff pastry when you need it. Mmm... puff pastry... Now how do you say "Where's the junk food?" in French?


  • Includes: 1 Go Clean Laundry Bag, 2 Go Clean Shoe Bags, and 1 Go Clean Stuff Bag.
  • Available in: Charcoal and Red.
  • Material: Heavyweight Nylon.
  • Dimensions: Laundry Bag - 16.75" W x 20" H
  • Shoe Bags - 7.75" W x 15" H
  • Stuff Bag - 11.25" W x 14" H.
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