Let the water adventures begin!

Let's face it: no wants to wear damp clothes packed next to a wet swimsuit. Enter the Go Clean Wet Suit bag from Flight 001! Sure, you can wait for them to dry, but why wait when the resin-coated interior can easily trap moisture, odor, and drips? Take an impulse trip to the beach, sample some snorkeling, or head out to that impromptu pool party with no worries about the extra clothes you've packed in your carry on bag or other bag. A Go Clean Wet Suit bag makes it possible!


    • Resin-coated interior keeps the wet in.
    • Includes zipped storage case.
    • Colors Available: Pink
    • Dimensions: 6.75" L x 5.75" W (case); 12.5" L x 16" W (bag)


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