Keep Your Insides as Stiff as Your Hairstyle

The secret to being the center of attention is simple.  It’s having a great hair spray that is ready for action at any time…especially when it is a Hair Spray Flask.  And because you always look amazing with that perfect style, hair spray in your bag is no shocker.  This hidden flask is easy to fill and think of all the money you’ll save in not having to pay for anything more than a mixer?  Just twist off the cap, pour, and go to town, the beach, business meeting, wherever you may need an adult beverage. No one will ever give you a second glance that’s not well deserved for your enticing looks. So loosen up while keeping stiff with the Hair Spray FlaskOnly your hairdresser will know for sure…but only if you let him take a sip.  




  • Holds a whoppin’ 12 ounces
  • Saves money
  • Hide it in plain sight
  • Just fill & go
  • Food grade plastic flask
  • Reusable liquor flask


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