Coolest Invention Ever?

I may be behind the times in my drinking escapades, but the Ice Bottle Chiller is definitely the greatest use of ice that I've seen in awhile. Here's the deal - fill the huge clear ie mold with water, freeze, pop out of mold, and set in the stainless steel stand. Not only does the stand catch ice melt, but with a creative imagination, you can begin making to-die-for holiday centerpieces. I reiterate my previous statement that the Ice Bottle Chiller is the biggest thing to hit the drinking scene since flasks!


  • Use as a romantic candle holder or centerpiece!
  • Includes: See-Through Ice Mold with Lid, Stainless Steel Display Stand, and Instructions
  • Time: Lasts 6 hours as a bottle chiller or 4 hours as a candle holder.
  • Care: Hand-wash.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 5.5" Diam.
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