Jumbo-Sized Fun

Take your eyes and hands away from your phone and onto this Jumbo Pill! No, it's not a drug pitch--though you might say it's sure a good antidote for that need for challenge! This wooden skill toy comes with a string and a stick attached so you can flip it, toss it, balance it, and get it back into its natural pill form. Think a cup-and-ball toy, but much more advanced and flexible for skill. There's a whole collective dedicated to mastering every Jumbo Pill combo you can think of, so why not grab a Jumbo Pill and see what you can do? Hmmm?


  • Precision Skill Toy
  • Made from Beechwood
  • Spare string, bead, stickers, and info card are included with each Pill
  • Color: Cranberry Red
  • By Terra Kendama USA
  • Measures: 6 x 4 x 10 inches
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