The Organized Way To Hold Your Keys 

Say goodbye to that jumbled mess of keys all dangling off of one keychain and hello to a more organized way to carry and store your keys. Introducing the KeyQ Key Organizer which is a more modern and functional way to keep all your keys neatly in one compact case. The annoying jingling of keys clashing into one another is a thing of the past with this new device which secures all the keys together so you can walk noise-free. Easily assemble this clever keyring and experience a new way to hold your keys. 


  • Organization: Stop struggling or searching for a key on that messy keychain thanks to this organized key holder.
  • Sleek and Slim: Made from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum for a sturdy and durable design that’ll slip easily into any pocket so keys won’t jingle anymore.
  • No More Poking: Say goodbye to keys poking you or putting holes in your clothes with the KeyQ Key Organizer firmly holding all your sharp keys in place.
  • Simple to Install: Keys don’t need to be custom-cut to fit this piece. Just use a coin to secure each key with the extra-long screws.
  • Run out of Room? Expand your KeyQ Key Organizer by purchasing the additional expansion posts for when you need more space for extra keys.
  • Comes with: screw +1 key loop+10pcs rubber shim (each side 5pcs)
  • Bonus items: 4 rubber shims + 2pcs extension screws + bottle opener


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