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Main Event: Luchador Opener VS. Bottle

This Luchador Bottle Opener by Kikkerland has no need for impressive aerial maneuvers or high flying attacks...he's got the Leg Hold! Wrap this set of stainless steel gams around your favorite brew and get to work. If I were a beer, I'd be shaking in my label if I had to Lucha libre against this Mexican wrestler. Once you've got your beer top tapping out, chug, and celebrate your win with another fast round with the Luchador Bottle Opener.


  • Designed By: Ariel Rojo & Andres Lhima for Mexico Design Challenge.
  • Styles: Choke Hold, Barrel Hold or Leg Choke
  • Colors: Black, Blue, and Red
  • Color are assorted and chosen at the time of shipping based on availability
  • Materials: Stainless steel and ABS with a rubberized coating.
  • Dimensions: 3.9" L x 1.93" W x 7.83" H.
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