Cray-Cray Spray

Let's teach kids that spray cans are fun with the Large Spray Can Crayon! Just kidding, what the large crayon really represents is need for a creative outlet, the lack of art going on with today's youth. It's easy to deface property and feel a frivolous thrill over it; it's much harder to create a piece that can be admired. Rather than pressing keys or moving a mouse around, give 'em a spraypaint crayon and encourage them to draw, color, or just doodle! Choose from fuchsia, green, or orange and let little hands get creative! The Large Spray Can Crayon might make them looks like thugs, but they're really just Monet's in disguise!


  • Non-toxic Crayons!
  • Designed In: San Francisco
  • Color Options: Orange
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Dimensions: 4" H x 2" Diam.
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