Surrounded By Lakes

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by breath-taking mountains and everything from museums to skiing resorts, nightclubs to casinos, making this magnificent expanse of freshwater quite unlike anywhere else on earth. And we’re honoring it with a nifty little instant reminiscent of all its alpine glory! The Lomo’Instant Lake Tahoe edition is a mixture of shiny black and a two-toned grey-colored faux leather.


  • 3 Shooting Modes To Cover Every Kind Of Instant: Flash-On Auto Mode, Flash-On Manual Mode, Flash-Off Manual Mode.
  • 27mm Built-in Wide-Angle Lens allows you to shoot up-close-and-personal shots with its 0.4m closest focusing distance.
  • Shoot Long Exposures by holding the shutter open for as long as you like. Try it out for night-time or light painting photoshoots.
  • Shoot Unlimited Multiple Exposures: The Lomo'Instant is the only modern Instant camera which allows you to shoot unlimited multiple exposure instants. 
  • Color Gels: Choose from blue, red, purple and yellow!
  • Shoot Brighter Shots: With its maximum aperture of f/8, the Lomo'Instant lets you shoot brighter shots.
  • The Perfect Instant Photo Format: The camera creates credit card-sized snapshots using high quality and widely available Fuji Instax Mini film.
  • The Lomo'Instant Camera has a tiny mirror to the left of the lens, perfect for selfies!

Technical Specifications

  • Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
  • Exposure Area: 42mm x 64mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125s / Bulb
  • Exposure Compensation: +2/-2 Exposure Values
  • Ejection Mechanism: Motorized
  • Multiple Exposures: Yes
  • Built-in Flash Guide Number: 9(m)
  • Automatic Flash Output: Yes
  • Battery Supply: 6V (4x AAA batteries)
  • Tripod mount: Yes
  • Cable Release Mount: Yes
  • Aperture: f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22, f/32


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