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Nine colorful Rainbow photo frames that can be positioned on a magnetic board in one of an unlimited series of patterns. It's 2shopper's Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame. Ingenious really, nine distinct felt bordered photo frames arranged to create one giant ensemble. Each frame has a clear plastic photo protector and slide-in back accessibility. Changing individual pictures is accomplished in seconds. Perfect for a loved one, co-worker or relative, the Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame makes everyone look good. Even the cousin who never washes and keeps day old peanut and jelly sandwiches in his shirt's breast pocket. Sporting a flip down back tab, this beautiful photo frame can be positioned on a desk or hung on a wall.


  • Magnetic felt frame.
  • Durable metal body frame w/ stand.
  • 9 Pictures in one frame.
  • Dimensions: 7.13" X 7.13"
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