"I bend but I do not break"

This new piece of Jewelry, an homage to the strength of mothers and titled "MATER BRIGA", is a unique cross with a broken arm that represents the power of faith against every obstacle. The "MATER BRIGA" is a cross of encouragement, of hope, a cross without suffering. The balance of the form remains perfect despite the fragilized arm. French-Italian Artist Faust Cardinali is famous overseas for his work that has been featured in the Louvre of Paris. This NEW item (titled “MATER BRIGA”, which represents the Cross of Hope) is currently being sold overseas in highly reputable stores including the official store of the Vatican and the official store of Notre Dame de Paris. Until now this has only been available in France and Italy. The designer has done several important expositions in France, and one of his pieces is now exhibited at the Louvre of Paris, as mentioned above. He is well known for his paintings and luxury jewelry


  • The Fractured arm Cross Represents the strength of individuals and Power of Faith against all obstacles I Bend but I do not BREAK!
  • The "MATER BRIGA" is a cross of encouragement, of hope, a cross without suffering, that almost evokes a flower or a helix. 
  • The Mater Briga is made in homage to the strength of mothers, always strong for their children, against all obstacles.
  • The material is 100% Sterling silver 925. Size of the cross is 1.2 x 0.98inches.
  • The chain included is a black waxed cotton necklace cord 29.5 long.
  • Made in Tuscany, Italy by renowned Artist Faust Cardinali


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