Reincarnated Mozart comin' through!

Ahhh, music boxes always take us back to our youth. Now you can recreate new memories with a Mechancial Music Box Set! This set comes with everything you need to start YOUR own music box! You get a hand-cranked motor, 3 unpunched strips for your own tunes, a hole punch, a pre-punched stripped with the "Happy Birthday" tune, and a manual to demonstrate how you go about creating new tunes. You might just discover that you're a natural born orchestra conductor.... or that you really want this thing to play old school rap. Go ahead: use your Mechancial Music Box Set to set up your music box to "Rapper's Delight"... we know you want to. (Actually, we do, too.)


  • Learn How to Compose on a Music Box!
  • Includes: instructions, "Happy Birthday" song strip, a hole punch and 3 unpunched strips.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 3" L x 1" W
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