Bet you don't have one of these... yet!

Remember how fascinated you were as a kid with bugs? This handy-dandy MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope is the greatest tool ever for that! While you might not be the budding entomologist you once were, the uberpowerful 60-100x magnification for this portable microscope make it much more useful for more detailed work. An LED light and manual focus assist in highlighting your task, and a rubberized eyepiece assures you don't gouge your own eye out in the process. Trust us when we say that a MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope makes a great gadget to have on hand for those unexpected minute fixes or curiosities!


  • Power: Runs on 3 SG3 button cell batteries (included).
  • LED lighted.
  • Power and zoom controls.
  • Dimensions: 1.2" W x 3.2" H x 0.8" D.
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