No Bland Bunnies

Awww, ain't it cute? A pair of rabbit heads stuck to a fridge-- wait, stuck to a fridge? What the heck? Oh yea, these aren't bunnies at all, but a Mini Magnetic Salt & Pepper Grinder Set. Those black ears serve up more than just cuteness: squeeze the ergonomic handles (yes, they are handles) of each grinder mill and out comes fresh ground seasoning! A unique ceramic grinder design allows one-handed use with a refillable option using a side compartment. The salt and pepper grinders also include magnets on the back so they can live against your fridge or other metal surface when not in use. So THAT'S why they stuck around there! And you thought the grinder set just wanted your attention-- well, they do, but that's not all.


  • "Rabbit ears" double as one-handed grinding.
  • Magnets on back to place on fridges and other metal surfaces.
  • Come pre-filled and also are refillable.
  • Materials: Acrylic and ceramic.
  • Dimensions: 2.2" W x 4.8" H x 2" D.
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