Catch the Bad Guy

Ever get that feeling you're being watched? Well, no one ever will around a Motion Activated Hidden Camcorder Clock. This unassuming digital clock appears no different than the one everyone's parents and grandparents own. But little does a passerby know that this spy gadget features a hidden pinhole camera on the front, waiting to keep memory of all movement when you can't. Use a SD memory card with up to 16GB, or use the supplied 2GB card for easy hidden surveillance. And don't worry: the Motion Activated Hidden Camcorder Clock also adds a date and time stamp, so there's no room for false alibis!


  • 2 GB SD memory card is included free of charge; supports up to 16gb memory
  • Will overwrite the earliest video with the newest video automatically when the memory is full.
  • Instant date and time stamp on video
  • Recording starts when motion is detected and stops if no motion is detected.
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3 inches
  • NOTE: International Customers using 220 - 240V, please use Voltage/Power Converter.
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