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Don't Be 'That' Person

You wanna know what's embarrassing? Pulling multiple bags up an escalator and having one open up and spill aaaaall the waaaay dooowwwn. You wanna know what would have been better? Using a Multi-Bag Mover from travel giants Travelon. Use this luggage strap to secure up to 3 bags onto a single one for traveling, well, not light! This add a bag strap makes all bags easy to carry when used with rolling luggage. And that person with the crap all over the escalator? That was me. Don't be me. Grab a Multi-Bag Mover and be on your way!


  • Comfortably pull up to 3 suitcases with one hand!
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 2.25" W x 2.25" D.
  • California Prop 65 Warning
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