Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic

This modern kitchen play set comes with appliances that light up and make sounds just like an actual kitchen! The cabinets, oven, and refrigerator can be opened. The toaster also has a switch that can be pressed to mimic an actual toaster. This play set is perfect for children to play pretend in a mini kitchen. Perfect for dolls 11-12 inches tall.


  • Toy Doll Full Playset Kitchen
  • Perfect for Use with 11-12" inch Dolls
  • All Doors & Drawers Throughout the Playset Can Be Opened
  • Battery-Operated
  • Stove Lights Up and Makes Sound Effects
  • Comes with Various Accessories such as Pots, Pans, Cups, Toaster, etc.
  • Stove Requires 2 AAA Batteries to Run (not included)
  • Width: 19", Height: 12"
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