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Have you always been an admirer of Astronomy? Shepherds Watch has designed the Nocturnal Dials Sundial Necklace just for you. Relive the 15th century by using this unique historical piece to estimate time. Sight the North Star by setting the middle wheel to the month and holding the dial upside down. Simply align the top of the dial's arm with the highest stars of the Big Dipper, the time will then be displayed on the inner dial where the arm crosses the hour mark. You will be amazed at what this necklace can do. Instructions included. The Nocturnal Dials Sundial Necklace is available in Pewter, Tri-color, and Brass.


  • Gaze the stars at night through this unique necklace to tell time.
  • Major constellations engraved on the reverse side.
  • Handcrafted and lead-free.
  • Re-designed 15th century historical wearable sundial.
  • Assembled with 31?? black silk cord.
  • Color Options: Pewter and Tri-color
  • Dimension: 2.8" W x 5" H x 0.8" D, 1?? Diam. Stardial
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