Oleum Vera is proud to offer organic, sustainable and customizable DIY products. When you design your own beauty products with Oleum Vera, you'll adapt our all-natural beauty recipes to craft what you're looking for: a completely customized routine that's perfect for you! 


● Epsom salt: Epsom salt is known to help relieve muscular and joint pain, reduce body stress, and is said to promote magnesium absorption. 

● Lavender buds: A powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that will soothe irritated or tired skin. 

● Coffee: A great exfoliant that can help reduce cellulite, fight acne and protect the skin from the sun. 

● Turmeric: Powder with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce acne and scarring. 

● White kaolin clay: An anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory clay used to cleanse the skin and regulate hormonal imbalances. 

● Tamanu oil: Oil with many healing properties that is very useful in fighting acne and reducing the appearance of scars. 


WHAT’S INSIDE? 2x 2 ingredient capsules ● Coffee & Epsom salt + Lavender buds ● Turmeric + White kaolin clay & Tamanu oil (31,5g / 1.1 oz – 6 masks total, 3 of each)

BENEFITS: Does your skin feel like it needs some energizing? Our Body mask kit has got you covered with 3 masks per capsule and 2 recipes: Cellulite Scrub with coffee, Epsom salt and lavender buds, Body-Firming with turmeric, white kaolin clay and tamanu oil. Cater to your skin’s specific needs by using the masks it craves!

ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: All of our ingredients are certified organic by EcoCert, USDA Organic and Cosmos. No compromise on quality!

HOW TO USE IT? A little bit of water, a mixing bowl, natural ingredients and your creativity are the only necessities to create these body masks. The detailed instructions for each capsule are directly on the box. You can also get inspiration on our YouTube channel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the detoxing results of these elevated blends.

GIFT YOURSELF: Offer the gift of exquisite clays and nature to your loved ones and encourage them to take time for themselves. These masks are a lovely gift to anyone wishing to clean up their skincare and a great way to treat yourself.

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