Oleum Vera is proud to offer organic, sustainable and customizable DIY products. When you design your own beauty products with Oleum Vera, you'll adapt our all-natural beauty recipes to craft what you're looking for: a completely customized routine that's perfect for you!
● White kaolin clay: An anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory clay used to cleanse the skin and regulate hormonal imbalances.
● Oats: Oats are moisturizing and cleansing, and can serve as a mild exfoliator for sensitive skins.
● Spirulina: A green algae that helps fight free radicals and eliminate toxins from your skin. This algae may also help achieve faster skin cell repair.
● Rosehip seed oil: Rich in vitamins A and C, it will hydrate and soothe itchy skin, reduce dark spots, and help reduce scars. This oil has anti-ageing properties and its vitamins help protect against ageing/dark spots.

Find more recipes on our YouTube channel!

WHAT’S INSIDE? 2x 2 ingredient capsules ● White kaolin clay & Oats ● White kaolin clay + Spirulina & Rosehip seed oil (28g / 0.9 oz – 6 masks total, 3 of each)
2 EASY DIY MASK RECIPES: With these natural ingredients, you’ll be able to create 6 face masks to clean and add a glow to your skin: 3 Cleansing Grains Masks with white kaolin clay and oats, and 3 Glow Masks with spirulina algae & white kaolin clay and rosehip seed oil.
ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: All of our ingredients are certified organic by EcoCert, USDA Organic and Cosmos. No compromise on quality!
HOW TO USE IT? Simply follow the recipes at the back of the packaging or get inspiration from our YouTube channel. Just add some water to the provided ingredients to gently clean and balance your skin!
GIFT YOURSELF: Is your skin feeling dull? Wake it up by mixing your own beauty recipes with Oleum Vera’s Wake-Up Fresh Masks. Combined all the ingredients from our DIY capsules and enjoy a new fresh complexion and soft skin.

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