Pak Lite SUPER Bright 9 volt LED Flashlight SpecificationsTwo Super Bright White LED Bulbs High/Low & Off Modes Up to 2x Brighter Than Original Pak-Lite Various Cap Color Options 9v Battery Included About this Pak-Lite The Pak-Lite SUPER has bright... The Pak-Lite SUPER has bright white LEDs that are up to 2x brighter than the original white LEDs in the Pak-Lites. Like natural sunlight, the brilliant white light emitted by these LED bulbs reveals colors in their true sense. With the glow-in-the-dark cap (see photo at right), you can charge the cap up with any white, UV, or blue light source (including a bit from itself). Then place the Pak-Lite on your night stand. For the next 12 or so hours, you will be able to spot your flashlight right where you left it. White LEDs are the best choice for a general purpose flashlight, and they also work great for reading, walking, viewing maps, night-light in hotel rooms when traveling abroad, etc...


  • Dual mode, high/low beam.
  • 2 hi-intensity LEDs.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Great light for emergencies.
  • Includes 9V battery.
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