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Is there ANYthing more loveable and huggable than a Polar Bear or a Penguin? Okay, maybe take the bear out of the equation, but still! Introducing the latest trend from Japan - Polar Ice! This set of Ice Cube Molds is said to utilize "high-tech iceberg technology" to keep your polar animals afloat. Made from silicone, these cute creatures are easy to make and did I mention, ADORABLE!? Designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi, these 3D Arctic Ice Cubes will cool your drink but warm your heart.
  • Design intended as a statement regarding global consciousness.
  • Made In: Japan
  • Includes: 1 Penguin ice container (2 Penguins together), and 1 Polar Bear ice container.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: Ice Container - 3.1" H x 2.8" Diam. / Ice size - 2" H x 1.6" Diam.
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