All Glowed Up

This handy 4W real florescent portable black light is only 6″ long! Longwave at approximately 365 nanometer. Use it for detection of invisible ink, pet stains, certain manufacturing defects, soiled areas associated with the health industry, scorpions and other insects, to name a few.
Great for authentication of paper currency, credit cards, drivers licenses, antique glass, natural amber, certain minerals and many other applications. Powered with 4 x AA batteries (sold separately).



  • Hand held and portable
  • Locate pet urine on carpet & soiled areas & linens in hotels
  • Great for Counterfeit money, drivers licences & credit cards

Other Uses:

  • Crime scene inspection & drug detection
  • Activates glow in the dark paint
  • Makes light colored clothing glow
  • Hand stamps
  • Antique Glass
  • Antique paintings
  • Real amber glows under black light
  • Rocks & minerals
  • Scorpions at night along with certain insects
  • Glow fishing lures and lines
  • Windsheild repair curing
  • Find golf balls at night
  • Property identification
  • Black light sensitive cosmetics


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